What we provide

We take away all the site selection and development planning challenges usually associated with getting the next generation of technology-intensive hubs into urban locations.

We undertake the construction and external works through to completion, leaving a building that is fully completed from the outside, ready for fit-out.

We secure the power supply for day one and day two requirements, including bringing power to site and terminating in an energy centre that we build.

We work with power companies from inception, as a team, to de-risk the process of getting power to site in urban areas.

In conjunction with our financial partners we have the funding muscle to be able to offer occupiers a range of competitive, long-term payment structures – and varied to fit any occupier’s portfolio strategy.

We can, for instance, offer solutions that grant the lessor building ownership at the end of a lease term.

We operate and manage the ambient heat loop that utilises the surplus carbon-free heat available from the data centre. This is highly beneficial on the journey to achieving net zero carbon in cities.

Indeed, there is great prestige in achieving this for all involved in terms of setting the bar for the future of sustainable cities.

We are adept and experienced in urban power, complex urban sites and planning matters, the most crucial success elements of data centre real estate development.

Industry experience

We’ve been in the data centre delivery business over two decades and have worked on 40+ major projects.

From green to brown field, new-build to reconfiguration, we operate at the heart of the sector and are influenced by our work on building services upgrades in critical live environments.

Speaking the same language

We truly understand our occupiers fit-out design and operational requirements, challenges and aspirations.

There are numerous technical matters to be integrated and coordinated with an occupier’s design and operations, and that’s what we do well.

Mission Statement

We strive to be in the vanguard delivering low carbon sustainable mission critical facilities key to smart cities.

In achieving this we must be at the forefront of data centre design, blending leading edge technology with carbon neutral solutions for a smarter healthier city.