sineQN’s approach to sustainability is all-encompassing. We are currently developing a pilot for a an ambient heat loop to utilise captured heat from a data centre to supply to housing.

Once the pilot is up and running the network with be developed to supply heat to up to 15,000 homes when the data centre is at capacity. This is a 5DHC system and is low temperature thus maximising efficiencies.

The Situation From 50,000 Feet

Many countries have defined their zero net-carbon objectives together with ambitious delivery timescales.

These targets are generally based upon the decarbonisation of residential heating and the introduction of transportation ULEZs (ultra-low emissions zones), the phasing out of new ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles and the adoption of electric vehicles.

The Data Centre Sustainability Outlook

The challenge for any new data centre development is not merely complying with today’s regulations but being an integral part of the future societal landscape.

Namely, to be a part of critical national infrastructure delivering not only compute power, but in the most sustainable manner providing both direct, indirect and induced benefits for the data centre’s local environment and community.

Site Selection

The sustainability of a location becomes a key site selection criterion for data centres, so that server heat energy can be recycled and power storage capacities can be flexed to support grid stabilisation or microgrids where permitted.

The Future

Data centres and clean technology in cities are undergoing a fascinating evolution. Beyond what we have mentioned here there is a potential relationship with environments required for hydroponics and vertical farming, amongst other urban food technologies.

The future data centre development will evolve to become a distributed local network, in line with smart cities thinking. This will require long term strategic engagement with energy and town planning policy. The data centre will be seen as a worthy and valuable neighbour.

For sineQN and its partners, the future is already here...