The junction between IT, energy and cities

sineQN is a developer and development manager in the data centre sector, offering Urban Hyperscale® solutions, bringing low carbon sustainable technology to cities.

We enable global occupiers, operators, and owners to focus on their technology fit-out, operations and business, to get to market quicker while we do the heavy lifting.

Typically, we provide powered shell & core developments for occupiers, fully enabled and ready for fit-out.

Urban Hyperscale®

Urban Hyperscale® represents the next generation of near-to-population data centres. Data centres can be good neighbours and in the evolving world of AI, 5G, low latency, sustainability, and smart cities, they need to be. Urban data centres can complement the townscape, integrate with the local environment, and give back to communities through sustainable solutions, public realm, economic benefit, and great design.

By putting heat to work in urban settings, Urban Hyperscale® – adroit mixes of IT with energy – will make the reindustrialisation of some of our towns and cities a viable prospect, with the footfall and the potential revival of the High Street that could bring with it.

For a future in which both IT and energy will be more expensive than we would like, both IT and energy can work with the other to lower costs and revitalise local communities right across Europe.

The idea of Urban Hyperscale® is one whose time has come. Over the next decade the nexus between IT, energy and cities will be the subject of much innovation.


If you’re a global occupier or operator or both, you’ll know a thing or two about data centre design and fit-out and will have your own Basis of Design (BOD) and internal teams to lead this. You’ll have optimised your plant and equipment deployment strategy, designed to provide resilience, efficient operation and budget compliance.

The demarcation with sineQN input is that we provide an oven ready development solution at the stage an occupier needs it. Whether this be handing over a powered shell & core with completely open floor plates – or a fully enabled powered site with all utilities in place, we save occupiers valuable time and effort in procuring sites, power, other utilities and buildings so they can concentrate their energies on delivering solutions to their customers.

Powered Shell & Core Solutions

Our real estate and technical solutions are highly flexible and accommodate most requirements. Depending on what stage in the development process an occupier signs up for a site, we’ll work with their teams to tailor the building to accommodate their design and operational requirements.

Our Urban Hyperscale® buildings are multi-storey and the architectural design is highly recognisable. Floor plates are completely open, ready for occupier fit-out, with generous clear heights, column free halls, and a high structural loading capacity. Power and utility configurations are highly resilient, and sustainability is second to none.