The design of data centres is a many-splendoured thing, as those in the sector know. Every data centre occupier has its preferred design and specification and has its own rules for modifying these in line with its selected locations.

Regardless of the hardware and its layout, there are certain commonalities in data centre design. These form the basis of sineQN’s shell & core design.

  • Operational space – high floor-loading capacity, column-free data halls, generous clear heights, full fire resistance
  • Operational logistics – rolling rack and technical plant movements both for installation and for replacement strategies
  • Backup power – provision for diesel/gas backup. Medium term aim: use independent Battery Energy Storage systems (BESS) or grid-aligned solutions
  • Power – HV power enabled, ready for site-wide distribution
  • Utilities – water supply capacities / fire mains / off-site fibre connection ducts
  • Site-wide utility distribution – resilient underground distribution network, MV, LV, comms, fibre, process water
  • Security – physical security at the perimeter, access gates and ducts
  • Interface with local heating – direct connection-point for heat recovery

Externally is where you’ll see us most differentiated for the simple reason that we are designing data centres for urban townscapes. You will see iconic architecture, designed by world renowned architects, for data centre buildings that can co-exist in urban environments.